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Where we reside ?

Physical, pathophysiological, psychological, intelegential and spiritual ???  What makes us decide ???   Our do's and don't's and choices , likings and dislikings ??? What exactly we want to know ???  Who we are ??? Where we come from ??? Where we go from here  ??? Our  journey and destination and all these questions are travelling in the neural pathway of our brain since ages we have been known to these things but the outer worlds curtain is so thick that it does not allow us to have a look in side and in sight us. We have been known to the cosmic energy ,sound and vibrations since ages what now we got to do is we have to vibrate the in sight neurons with those vibrations they take us to the world we are from and we are known to .Possible with Mantra Yoga - Sound Therapy a vibrational and divine experience of being connected to supreme consciousness.

Vijay Rawal ,

Vedic Scholar


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