Mantrayoga Meditation

Unique Program based on Vedic science

(Mantra Yoga is Mind Yoga - Easiest form of Yoga)

Detoxification, Consecration, Relaxation, Rejuvenation of Mnd & Body.

Acoustic Method Chanting and Hearing of Specialized Sound Frequencies of Om and Vedic Mantras the coded secret of Vedic Science.

Vedic Mantra Purify, Detoxify and Rejuvenates Mind & Body, Stress Release with Chanting Vedic Mantra Enhances Inner Peace, Boost’s Memory, Will Power, Working Efficiency with Variety of Physical, Psychological, Emotional, Intellectual and Spritual Benefits.

About Us:

Science graduate and Master in Vedic Studies from (Veda, Samskrit and Jyotirvigyan Department of Vikram University -Ujjain) Acharya Vijay Rawal is a Vedic Gurukulam Linage trained Vedic Pandit and an expert of Vedic Literature Particularly Vedic Science of Acoustics, Astrology and Mantrayoga.

Acharya Vijay Rawal has performed thousands of Astrological Muhurta and specialized sound frequencies of Vedic Mantras Vedic Anushthan since 2005 and preserved their data as Sankalp Epistiles (For which his name is registered in the Golden Book of World Records for Largest collection of Astrological Vedic Anushthan Data)

Acharya Vijay Rawal has done a thorough research of the Specialized Sound Frequencies of Vedic Mantras while studied the subjects like Shukla Yajurveda, Upnishad, Swaroday Shastra and Yoga Philosophy and compiled their Instant, Easy and Effective way out as Scientific Interpretation of Vedic Literature for the Mental Health, Wealth ,Peace and Prosperity of Mankind and to derived optimum benefit from the implementation of Sanatan Vedic Science of Acoustics.


Pronunciation of Vedic Mantras, Samhita Path, Vedic Hymns is a tough job, which requires hard work, practice and Swadhyay Discipline. Vedic Mantras consists of Udatt, Anudatt and Swarit Swar and thickly knitted with proper Notes and Tone of Chanting Principles with Vedic Grammar. The Vibrations of Vedic Mantras have capacity to transmit deeper to the subtle part of human mind and body to this entire universe.

Acharya Vijay Rawal has made this complicated process of correct Pronunciation and Chanting of Vedic Mantra easy, instant and effective in modern life style with Mantrayoga Pranav Meditation Mobile Application for immense benefits in Mental Health, Mental Stress, Working Efficiency, Anxiety, Depression, Diabetes, Indigestion, Insomnia, Relationship Healing, Chakra Healing, Spiritual Awakening, Mental Relaxation, Manifestation for Money, Memory Enhancement, Love and Passion, Deep Delta Relaxation etc.

Add to one more big advantage with Vedic Mantras research based program Mantrayoga Pranava Meditation Mobile Application Acharya Vijay Rawal has created and AI Based Customized, Prioritized and Astrological Data based Personalized Program with Mantrayoga Pranav Meditation Mobile Application.

Also Acharya Vijay Rawal is an Author of a book Mantra Yoga Mind Yoga this book explains the Scientific Interpretation of Vedic Mantras and Parallel Literature like Upanishad, Brahman, Swaroday, Darshan Shastra etc., for the optimum understanding of the complicated scripture, most of which is available in Sanskrit is made easy to understand in the book which is available on Amazon.

For the interesting intricacies of Vedic Scripture Astrology, Mantrayoga, Darshan Shastra, Mental Health, Chakra Dhyan, Spiritual Awakening and the Vedic Science of Meditation and overall Transformation to the true subconscious world of Meditation with Applied Vedas and how to get benefited with their usages Acharya Vijay Rawal updates subject wise monthly educative videos on Mantrayoga Pranav Meditation Youtube Channel. with which making Vedic Science Easier for Physical Health and Mental Health with Environmental and Natural System of Sanatan Darshan.

Mantrayoga Pranav Meditation Mobile Application

Set the Optimum Frequency Tune for the Best of Mental Health

Just Chanting & Hearing of Vedic Mantras

How to Use

Mantrayoga Pranav Meditation Mobile Application consists of research based compilation of Vedic Mantras with their Specialized Sound Frequencies along with their Simultaneous Chanting and Hearing method.

Mantrayoga Application has three main parts in it

Part -1

Training Video and How to learn Om Chanting

Training Video for Learning correct Om Chanting ( Om consists of three sounds A, Uand M these three sounds repeatedly keeps on changing their Swar (Note) Udatt , Anudatt and Swarit according to instructions of Chanting Grammatical Principles of Vedic Science of Acoustics , sometimes A is used with Udatt note , someties U sometimes M is used as per the need of Energy. So Practicing Om Chanting is key factor while starting using Mantrayoga Application.

Om Chanting Practice Method :

  • Do Valsalva once ( Close the nostrils and lightly blow the air into ears very softly , not with much pressure.
  • Do Anulom Vilom ( Right nostril closed , breath in with left nostril , left nostril closed and breath out with right nostril, breath in from right nostril , close the right nostril and breath out with left , very softly just for a minute.
  • If possible keep sitting position with Sukhasan ,straight spine or any comfortable posture you want.
  • During Om Chanting Practice Keep the same hands Index finger and thumb touch intact known as Gyanmudra.
  • Well before start using Mantrayoga Applications simultaneous Chanting and Hearing , Practice Om Chanting for a week time.

Part -2

How to learn simultaneous Chanting & Hearing

Category Video with Explanation with Category Concerned Audio

Om Chanting Practice Method :

  • These Videos are supported with category concerned Audio for Hearing Vedic Mantras.
  • After Om Chanting practice select the category of choice and start Hearing these Vedic Mantras of Specialized Sound Frequencies , for better response Headphones can be used.
  • Simultaneously Om Chanting and Hearing of selected category Vedic Mantras ensures the Best of Results in selected category in 24 days.
  • Keep fingers crossed in the lap while Chanting and Hearing the selected category Vedic Mantras from Mantrayoga Pranav Mediation Application for Optimum Results.
  • Daily Chanting / Hearing Mantrayoga Pranav Meditation Mobile Application’s selected category for 15 minutes Morning /Evening ensures good results.

Part -3

Option for selecting Customized, Personalized, Prioritized and categorized very own Vedic Mantras Mantrayoga Meditation Application.

Om Chanting Practice Method :

  • Select two category from available category list and inform two priorities the Goals in which want manifestation along with Birth Details.
  • Specially designed Customized program of 24 days will be sent to you on your Mantrayoga Pranav Meditation Mobile Application.
  • After a certain interval we will keep updating your personalized program with different set of Vedic Mantras.


Sanatan Vedic Yoga Philosophy has become Fashion & Passion, but our services and intentions are Scientific Interpretation of Sanatan Vedic Scriptures.

Sanatan Vedic Scriptures goes hand in hand with universal scientific subjects like Panch Mahabut Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Sky, Energy and Matter everything is set on its own frequency so are Vedic Mantras have their own sound frequencies and they are tuned at certain frequency which has potential to interfere at subtle level of Mind & Body and their vibrations level also interfere with universal consciousness to this nature to entire environment around us the Mother Nature.

It is said "A healthy Mind lives in a healthy Body"

But according to Sanatan Vedic Scriptures its other way
An Inspired Mind keeps the Body healthy
Our Services Best of Mental Health Wealth Peace and Prosperity
Basically the words , the thoughts and the Mental Thinking (The Antahkarran ) process is responsible for the traffic of thoughts in Brain, now again this thinking is also influenced by 5sheeth (The 5 internal kosha ) in the body they are Physical, Physiological , Emotional , Intelligential and Astral and thoughts are also influenced with psychosomatic way where Mind and Body both are involved so for complete Detoxification , Consecration , Relaxation and Rejuvenation of Mind and Body we provide our services for excellent Mental Health .

We have specially compiled the Specialized Sound Frequencies of Vedic Mantras with certain Vedic Science of Acoustics principles i.e. recording with well qualified Vedic Scholars, research based compilation of Vedic Mantras and Muhurta Based recording time for the optimum effects in related category.

We have kept following categories for which readymade Hearing Sound Tracks are available with






Cough & Lungs

Skin & Body

Healthy Pregnancy

Breathing Problems

Memory & Intelligence

Anti Aging

Blood Pressure


Eye / Ear

Heart Related

Ear / Nose / Throat

Acne / Pimples

Commitment / Integrity / Prosperity / Success


Hair Fall

Colic / Pain

Indigestion / Gas

Swelling & Cold

Ulcer / Dysentery / Vomiting

Fever / Perplexity / Whirling

Rheumatic Troubles / Tremors

26Fainting / Ringing Ear

Crown Chakra Activation

Third Eye Chakra Activation

Throat Chakra Activation

Heart Chakra Activation

Solar Plexus Chakra Activation

Sacrum Chakra Activation

Root Chakra Activation

Confidence / Efficiency /Success

Spiritual Awakening / Consciousness / Advance Stage

Weakness / Low Feel / Dullness

Spiritual Awakening / Consciousness

Flatulence / Stomach Upset

Exam/Competition Success

Focus / Meditation / Connectivity

Love / Passion / Achievement

Mental Peace / Relaxation / Deep Sleep

Healing Body

Healing Soul

Better Sleep / Insomnia

Healing Relationship

Aura Energy Booster

Emotional Control

Deep Delta Relaxation

Increase Motivation / Energy / Happiness

Manifest Money / Focus / Success

Alleviate Stress & Depression

Very Unique and the only of its kind AI Based Service in the World

The Miracle of Vedic Science of Acoustics Mantrayoga Pranav Meditation Mobile Application the Very First Time in the World Provide Customized, Prioritized, Personalized and Astrological Details based Service that is based on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

To get registered for this very special service inform your

( Also inform two main category selection and your tow main Priorities, Wishes, Desires with which you wish the manifestation of your goals )

We will work on these Astrological Data and will Prepare Exclusively for you a Customized , your very own Personalized &Mantrayoga Pranav Meditation Mobile Application" Available for daily Morning and Evening Vedic Mantras Meditation Chanting & Hearing Practices for the Manifestation of your Goals.

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